This collection of articles embraces the heart and soul of Seven Sisters Inn. A historical get-away is the backdrop to the incredible experience that is offered at this Floridian Bed and Breakfast. Perched in the midst of National Registered Historical District, the Inn is a collaboration of appointed antiquities and international artifacts that have been brought to this noble city from many ports in the world. We invite contributors to share their experience, tips and announcements about our great city and enchanting inn.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enjoying the holidays in the historic Ocala Florida
Expect an unbelievable 2013-2014 holiday season in the horse capital of the world, Ocala Florida!  There are many anticipated jolly activities, a sure reminder of Marion County’s family-focused and culturally-embracing style.  Seven Sisters Inn, a Florida Bed and Breakfast, has taken a prominent lead in this as well, offering a new offerings of hospitality treats, sure to launch off an amazing festive season.
As an iconic and historic staple in Ocala’s Fort King district, the Seven Sisters Inn is hosting several holiday events. Besides their popular Murder Mysteries, scheduled on the fourth Saturday of the Month (December 28th), a Holiday Tea Party that targets youngsters will be launched off on December 22nd. The Snow Queen will be the premiering hostess of the first Children’s Holiday Tea Party is certainly on its way of becoming a welcomed tradition at the Inn. The Snow Queen and her entourage of princes and princesses, dancers, servers in costumes will welcome youngsters between the ages of 4 and 12 to a Winter Wonderland at the Seven Sisters Inn.  During their visit, they will enjoy Christmas Spiced Warm Teas, Hot Chocolates, finger sandwiches and lemon square … all served with the delicacy and grandeur that could be expected in a century old tradition.

On Friday, December 13th the holiday candlelight tours return to the Inn with an emphasis on celebrating painted art.  “Art with Hearth” will present 13 pieces of artwork all hung in appointed premiere spaces within the inn, including the 5 glowing fire place hearths.  Candle light  tours of the inn, including its handsomely decorated suites will be available from 6pm to 9pm on December 13th. Each art piece will be represented by its artist (present during the show) and its chosen non-profit organization. The next day, tours continue from 10am to 4pm. Proceeds from the $10 requested donation, will be divided amongst the 13 community organizations.  In addition, the inn will also open its outdoor space on Saturday, the 14thfrom 10 til 4pm, to celebrate its first annual “Historic Ft King Holiday Show Festival”. This free to the public event, will feature over 30 artists (of all types) displaying their finest works for purchase. What incredible “one of a kind” gift can be found for your “hard to please” person on your list!  The festivities on this busy weekend will also introduce local musical talents (Christmas Carolers, musicians, holiday dancers) and of course … Old Saint Nick!  Sure to please every member of the family!
Finally, the Inn has chosen to offer “community gifts” to their guests that that book suites from November 23rd through the end of the year. Guests have a choice of a generous gift certificate to a local restaurant, horse driven downtown carriage ride with chocolates and a bottle of wine, or maybe tickets for two to The Nutcracker! With this effort, not only will the inn’s guests be able to enjoy the traditionally decorated Victorian ambiance within its walls, but the warm and culturally-inspired happenings in town. They look forward to showcasing the beauty that the fine community of Ocala has to offer to all its visitors during such a magnificent time of the year!
Please the call Florida’s enchantress bed and breakfast, Seven Sisters Inn at 352-433-0700 or visit their website for further information.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Romantic Get-Away... to distant lands

If you dream of getting into your car and within a short drive be inside the tomb of a majestic pyramid, or lost in the "Toile de Jouy" fabrics of Paris, you are not alone. Perhaps your destination is being in a hidden Moroccan palace in the city of Casablanca or being engulfed in the Spanish Flames of castanets, red chenille and Goya masterpieces from galleries in Madrid. Better still, you may want to be immersed with the wonders and mysteries of the Ancient Asian city of Beijing. Any of these fantasies can be part of a romantic get-away in enchanting Seven Sisters Inn.

Explore these Utopian destination, right in the heart of the historic district of Ocala Florida.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ocala Florida ... is a precious piece of the Sunshine State. It does not have immense parking lots and multiple line-ups of traffic lights.  In fact, there are not too many parking meters downtown!  It has an incredible welcome mat and speckled gigantic horse sculptures that introduce the spirit of one of the Horse Capitols of the world!

Ocala, located in Marion County, is the perfect place to relax and explore the best of old (and natural) Florida ... at your own pace. Here, rolling green pastures lead to crystal springs, gentle (fish filled) rivers and unspoiled lakes, and hundreds of horse farms gallop with thoroughbred natural charm and beauty.

Additionally, it has a vibrant and walk-able Downtown, at the edge of one of the most picturesque and undiscovered historic districts in Florida. 

Seven Sisters Inn

Nestled in the heart of Ocala, Florida is the sweetest Bed and Breakfast filled with such history and elegance it’s just begging you to visit.  Seven Sisters Inn is one of the more historic structures in Ocala, originally known in the 1800’s as the Rheinauer House.  This home’s presence held a high profile in historical Ocala and still does today.
This unique home is now known as the Seven Sisters Inn and is run by the Innkeepers, Bob and Maria Schmidt.  Primarily known as a historical feature in the area, this Bed and Breakfast is also known for its “special guests” from long ago.  As a matter of fact, this particular inn is thought to be the most haunted inn in the state of Florida.  Many folks seem to enjoy the idea of the “older presence”.   There are stories and experiences of this “haunted” inn on the website Hauntings of Seven Sisters Inn.   The focus is given particularly to the aged artifacts, period specific surroundings, and furnishings that truly make this a place you can imagine as your very own escape to paradise.  However, for many, the interest is heightened by the mysterious possibilities along with the intricate design elements of the inn.
The enchanting Seven Sisters Inn was built in 1890, in the historical East Fort King section of town.  If you live in the area,  you can experience a wonderful “staycation” or just stop in for some of the wonderful events.  In April, the inn hosted a Mystery Event called “Murder at the Inn” which was so well anticipated that it sold out in two months.  An evening of local entertainment at its best comes along can be expected when you have such an intriguing and mystical place.
Remember the Seven Sisters Inn offers a wide variety of amenities that will make you feel like royalty when you visit, including
  • A three course breakfast
  • Home baked delectables, fruits and water throughout your day
  • Imported bath salts
  • Privately appointed “sherry” for your suite (something special for the two of you)
  • Concierge service
  • …and much more
The romance of this establishment is something that is sure to make an impact on that special someone you want to remember for an anniversary, birthday or a much needed get-away.  This is also a great place to have family and friends stay when they visit, giving them the feeling of home away from home with an extravagant experience, as each room is themed with the feel from other countries; truly making the stay a one –of – a – kind experience.    Those special people you love to have visit will make it a point to stay in each room throughout the years.
The rooms that are available for your vacation or “staycation” are Madrid, Casablanca, Beijing, Paris and Cairo.  This is a true opportunity for fulfilling a fantasy of visiting these amazing places without having to take a long voyage into the unknown, and  at a much more affordable price.  Experience the beauty of the Seven Sisters Inn by contacting Bob and Maria Schmidt today at (352) 433-0700.  Ask about the free “Key Picks” keychain you will get upon arrival to help you save money while getting to know more about this historical gem of a town.
By Vicki Conklin

Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 Reasons To Take A Vacation With Your Significant Other

Studies of work patterns show that American work considerably more than our European Counterparts. Work stresses that are brought home can cause relationship problems. Can going on a Romantic Getaway Vacation really strengthen your relationship? YES!
Here are 5 reasons...
  1. Vacations affect your mood ... positively. Changing your physical environment and daily routine can greatly influence how you think and feel about yourself, your partner and the world around you. Studies have demonstrated couples will feel calmer, more centered and connected to an inner peacefulness that improves how they get along. Couples tend to be less defensive, more open, relaxed and connected. 
  2. Vacations highlight the "us" factor.  What do most couple crave? More free time and more undivided attention devoted to one another. Getaways are where partners can focus exclusively on one another's needs in a special place, during a special time. You have the opportunity to give each other the kind of up-close attention that creates true intimacy and spirituality. 
  3. Romantic Getaways encourage playing together.  One of the factors that explains why couples go from being "in love" soul mates to bickering roommates is benign neglect. They take one another and their relationship for granted. The same old routine becomes so entrenched that even playing together falls to the bottom of their to do list. 
  4. Vacations reinforce family bonds. Celebrating a family vacation reminds partners how cenrally important their relationship is. Vacation getaways can be a walk-up call to get back to treating one another as precious.
  5. Romantic Getaways help relationships grow.  In strong healthy relationships, partners feel that they are growing . Getaways that introduce us to new cities, countries and cultures, stretch our minds and challenge us physically to expand our sense of self in constructive ways. Sharing this kind of personal growth enriches the experience, therefore bonding us closer together. 

Romantic Getaways Makes Relationships Stronger

You might not believe this, but setting aside time (not a spare time ... but quality time) for romantic getaways with your partner will absolutely make your relationship stronger. The bond between the couple will get stronger as you spend more time together. Many couples that are overwhelmed with their own career and job are often compromising their relationship with each other. Not seeing each other too often can put off the fire in a relationship. 

One good reason to take extra time for a romantic getaway is to rekindle the romance between them. If you think that your relationship with your other half is starting to lose its flame. In addition, it a mode to gain rest and relaxation, eliminating stress that sometimes interferes with relationships. 

Nothing compares to a Romantic Getaway at the Seven Sisters Inn! Not only will you be swooped by the enchanting presence of this magnificent historical structure, but you will be offered an exotic voyage without the need for a unexpired passport! In addition, or superior rooms have beautiful canopied King Size Beds, gas lit original fireplaces and soaking jetted tubs for two! In the morning your three course breakfast will be served by candlelight, because it is never too early to have a romantic meal. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Introduction

We present our new blog ... a communion of postings about the inn, our culinary experiences, our commitment to history and community enrichment. Please feel free to subscribe either by feeds or by email. We also request your suggestions to continuously improve our commitment to superior hospitality and customer service. In addition, be sure to visit our web site:  Seven Sisters Inn.